Our first of its kind concept of “cross collaboration” with other trusted delegates outside our own team in FEG Group of Trusted Delegates brings about undivided support for each other when it comes to VOTING in our DDK Delegated Proof of Stake Blockchain platform. Their credentials are described below to fulfill your voting need.

Sharifah Noorasikin, Too Lye Fan (Doreen from IB Hamisah Group), Faizul Azwan (FEG), Jusszuraini Hasim (FEG Sg Petani), Sham Musleh (FEG Johor Baru).



Headed by Mr Faizul Azwan for the FEG (Fintech Empowerment Group) Team, both of these two gentlemen have shown loyalty, coachable and more importantly they are independent individuals. They are technically inclined as well as very receptive towards any concrete critisams. Their willingness to learn have made them a ‘”a trio” that can be proud of in the absent of Aabidin Zainal (CryptoAnalytic©) and Mr Faizul Azwan.


With 38,000 DNC sales under him coupled with sound understanding of DDK, he is willing to double or triple the DDK sales not only within the Asean region but outside the Asean perimeter.


Securing 10,100 DNC sales within couple of months has been quite an achievement for Mr Juss. Considering the slow pace for the state of Kedah especially on the knowledge of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, he has shown loyalty and persistency to disseminate the right information to the masses in Kedah. He never stop asking questions!


A guy who has many years experienced in Gold trading platform has jumped the  bandwagon of DNC though a late starter. Also a late starter but very committed to DNC and has shown loyalty to this program.  8,000 DNC is something to proud of from zero knowledge of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Fintech.

FEG Team is under the portfolio of CryptoAnalytic© network where the latter has achieved a group sales of 145,000 DNC. To illustrate our commitment towards providing the right information to the current DNC users, we have established and trained leaders throughout Peninsular Malaysia including Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia,



Our cross collaboration strategy doesn’t confine to FEG alone. We have nominated Mrs  Too Lye Fan (Doreen) from IB Hamisah group to become another Trusted Delegate where she will be able to maximise her Vote counts from Asean countries as well from Australia.

We believe that the success of DDK DPoS platform does not come within the system itself. It is imperative for all the delegates to “hold the fort” and make DDK Blockchain a fully decentralised and distributed platform to proud of.

With almost 10,000 DNC sales, Doreen has started well mainly focusing in Malaysia 94%, China 5% and others 1%.  Well suited to expand her network in Australia as her new geographical locations  for DDK.



Hard working and pleasant dispositions. Her ups and downs in DNC has transformed her into a “no nonsense” leader especially dealing with elderly people. Her loyalty and perseverance has sparked with good deals of recent 800 DNC in a week.  With 2500 DNC plus an additional 800 DDK in hand her total 2500DNC is good enough for her to start. Currently focusing her sales in Wilayah Persekutuan, KL she has expanded the business to Johor, Batam and Indonesia under the purview of Pak Andi. With proper guidance she’ll be able to expand DDK markets in Indonesia and more.